To address these requirements, Visual Online (VO) provides a symmetrical Internet connection (offering high speed in both directions) with a guaranteed capacity (bandwidth reserved to your business) ranging from 30 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s.

The picture on the right shows the 3 most usual customer situations


A fiber connection is established from his offices to our Fiber Connect LAN. His Internet connectivity is provided from our datacenter (route n°1).

From our Fiber Connect LAN, this customer can have a network connection (transport only) established between his offices and his co-location devices in our datacenter (route n°2). From our datacenter, Internet connectivity is provided (route n°4).

His offices, on 2 different locations, can be connected to our Fiber Connect LAN and then be interconnected on a dedicated VLAN (route n°5). Both sites have access to the Internet via our datacenter (route n°3).




Fiber Connect is the ideal internet connection for any business needs, from routine web browsing, file transfer and email to the full scope of mission-critical and data-intensive internet services that require more internet bandwidth such as remote networking, online transactions, VoIP, Video, Media Streaming, Storage Area Networks and Disaster Recovery.

Fiber Connect is available nationwide in the Grand Duchy, however, a technical check is required to evaluate the feasibility. Do not hesitate to contact your Visual Online representative for more details.

Downloads: Fiber Connect PDF


With more than 20 years in the leading edge of Internet services, Visual Online S.A. is one of the most renowned Internet and VOIP service providers in Luxembourg.

Visual Online manages its own international redundant backbone and datacenter infrastructure, operating Tier Level II and Tier Level IV datacenters.

Visual Online is also a domain name registrar for most of the existing TLDs, including the local .lu extension and many others such as .com and .eu.

Visual Online offers fiber and xDSL connections for business customers and individuals alike. Different hosting and Email solutions are available for every business need, from small to big. We provide rental of dedicated and virtual servers at our facilities. Advanced Email functionalities including over-the-air synchronization using ActiveSync and SyncML standards are also available. All our Email products include effective multi-layer spam prevention.

Other internet services include IP telephony systems, hosted PBX, SIP trunking, Wi-Fi internet hotspot, online backup, and the most up-to-date Website creation solutions.

Visual Online is a subsidiary of the Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications in Luxembourg.



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